What is cashmere
  Cashmere is the growth in the goat cortex, buried in the goat hair root, a thin layer of coarse fine cashmere, cold winter long, resist cold, warm spring glabrescent, natural climatic adaptation, is a rare special animal fiber. Due to the scarcity of production (accounted for only 0.2% of the total output of the world animal fiber) and excellent quality characteristics, trading in price, is considered the "diamond fiber", "fiber Queen", is a human to use all textile raw materials can not be compared, so it is also known as "soft gold", so very precious. About 70% of the world's cashmere is produced in China, and its quality is superior to that of other countries.
Maintenance method of cashmere coat
Daily wear and maintenance properly, to extend the service life of the coat.
  The cashmere coat is easy to deform, and the bag
is too long to be deformed.
  To put the cashmere coat up in time to take out
the things in your pocket every night.
  The South rainy humid weather, and wool coat needs to keep dry, in the sunny noon, will hang a wool coat to keep dry hours.
  Do not use a large brush to brush wool
coat hair ball, willShort coat life, available professional wool ball machine processing
wool ball.
  The hair ball is on the short wool coat formed
by long friction. One In general, soft texture
good clothes easy pilling, in fact it is
  A good quality logo. Gross ball can be used with scissors Cut off. Do not force pulling out
the wool coat the hair ball, so Easy to damage the wool.
  After the northern wear will be stained with a lot of dust, every time to wear
  The surface of the dust removal, don't brush hard brush, best to Ash roller.
   Cashmere wool coat do not wear too long for a long
time, if there are two piecesWool coat, can wear, do not
wear should hang in ventilated dry place.
In addition to stains should pay attention to
  When stained with obvious stains on the
clothes need to immediately clear,To minimize
the time to stay stains, you can use
  Paper towels and towels to absorb most
of the stains.
  Recommended to use neutral detergent to clean pure wool A garment that is marked with pure wool. Please use neutral detergent.
  As far as possible without drying or drying machine, cashmere Clothes must be completely dry before it can be   collected, the need to pay attention to, Collection must be set on the dust cover hanging placed.
How to collect cashmere coat
1, If you do not wear, you should be clean before store,and it can avoid mildew.
2, The coat must to be moisture, pest control in the collection time.
3, The coat of a period of time should be timely out to dry, and then collected.