"The only hope around the capital, plague, Taihang" Hebei aolaike Cashmere Products Co., Ltd., located in the world-renowned China - Qinghe cashmere. Company covers an area of 80 acres, construction area of 50 thousand square meters, the fixed assets of 100 million yuan or more;
  "Soul wins the creation, MicroHand excelling", the company has advanced equipment, carding villi spinning production line, cashmere fabric weaving and dyeing and finishing production line, forming a comb, washing, dyeing, spinning and weaving "one-stop" production pattern; the main component of cashmere fabrics are: wool, 100% 10% 90% 20% 80% cashmere wool, cashmere wool, cashmere, cashmere wool 30% 70% 50% 50% 70% 30% wool, cashmere wool, cashmere, cashmere 100% 10% 10% 80% silk wool and other products.
  "The great ambition, Yun fan", the domestic market is very high requirements on all aspects of the high-end men's cashmere fabrics, professional high-end men's cashmere fabrics factory less. Alllike to seize the opportunity, Yongpangaofeng, will be the main product positioning innovation in the high-end men's cashmere fabrics, the pursuit of excellence, occupy a space for one person in the domestic and international market. Since 05 years, every year to participate in Frankfurt sponsored international garment exhibition, gradually expanded in the international and domestic high-end aolaike cashmere cashmere fabric market influence. "Think carefully, distinguish, Dusing, over the years the company adhere to the" integrity, pragmatic, pioneering and development "business philosophy, established a good cooperative relationship with many customers at home and abroad, the growing scale of enterprises to win the sustained and healthy development.
  29 years of trials and hardships, 29 years of glorious history, Olek continues to explore, in the field of woolen R & D and innovation, continue to create new miracles. And achieved fruitful results:
  National wool textile industry association, the textile engineering society, Private Enterprise Summit Organizing Committee awarded the China wool textile and garment industry, the most competitive potential of the 50 companies.
  China commodity quality famous brand promotion center recommended for the famous brand promotion products". China private science and Technology Promotion Association awarded the "national private scientific and technological enterprise technological innovation unit".